The Sharing Life Christmas Faire.

Every parent wants to give their children gifts at Christmas. But when family funds most times don’t even buy the necessities of life, Christmas gifts for the children are out of the question.

This is where the annual Sharing Life Christmas Faire comes in. We provide gifts for children and Christmas Food Bags for parents so families can have a joyful and meaningful Christmas with their children. We spend most of November and into December working with local organizations and individuals collecting thousands of toys and then a week or so before Christmas, with the help of volunteers, we set up and hold our annual Sharing Life Christmas Faire where parents can Christmas shop for their children. It's a fun and fulfilling event to be a part of!
Please contact Beth Byrum at for more information about signing up for the Christmas Faire.

To find out more about donating items for the Christmas Faire (toys) and Christmas Food Bags, please contact Jessica Garvin at

​To volunteer to help set up or help run the Christmas Faire, contact Fyve Hilton at ​