Seward-Martin Family - 15 Faithful Friends

Our 15 Faithful Friends honoree this week is the Martin - Seward family. This family came to Sharing Life when Mary Martin saw an article about Sharing Life in the Dallas Morning News. She told her daughter, Marjorie Seward, about the article. Marjorie began volunteering in the year 2000 and the rest is history! Before long, Robert Seward, Marjorie's husband, began volunteering. Her brother, Mike Martin, began scheduling his vacation time to be in Mesquite around critical times like big fundraisers and the Back to School and Christmas Fairs. After Mike retired from the US Coast Guard, he started volunteering 6 days a week and continues to do so to this very day. Steve Martin, Mike's twin brother, joined the family and also serves at Sharing Life. At Marjorie's request ,the Seward's adult children and other extended family members volunteer for special events. This family has performed many tasks from accounting to scrubbing toilets and everything in between. They are passionate about serving our clients with dignity. They are loyal to our mission and the hardest working volunteers in our community. Marjorie, Robert, Mike and Steve - thank you! Sharing Life is the successful organization it has become because of your hard work and advocacy.

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