Sharing Life exists to demonstrate compassion by effectively and efficiently providing dignified, benevolent services to families in need in Mesquite and Southeastern Dallas County.

programs and Services that Change Lives.

Sharing Life exists to ‘Demonstrate Compassion’. Underlying that purpose are the programs and services we offer. From food to utility
assistance to educational programs, we meet our clients’ needs where they are and seek to be a change-agent in their lives - encouraging
them to improve themselves in every way possible so they have a more positive future to look forward to. To access any of the
below services, please visit our “Become a Client” page for more information.

The programs and services we offer are:

A food pantry in partnership with the North Texas Food Bank (NTFB)
One of the foundational services we offer is a full-service food pantry. And in June of 2016, we finished renovating our warehouse space
to add large walk-in refrigerators and freezers and expanded food shelves and became a Hub of the North Texas Food Bank! This allows
us to offer better quality of food and quicker and more affordable service to surrounding smaller food pantries. Instead of those small
pantries having to visit the main facility near downtown Dallas, they can make the much shorter trip to the Sharing Life Hub to pick up
their food. This saves them transportations costs and they can use those funds to provide other services to their clients. Read more
about our partnership with the North Texas Food Bank here.

Non-food necessities
We also provide non-food necessities such as toiletries and cleaning supplies.

Household essentials
Sharing Life provides household essentials such as linens, kitchenware, furniture and clothing.

Financial assistance
We provide financial assistance to help our clients pay their rent, utility bills, buy essential medicines and certain other items that we
may not have on hand. This is a service we handle on a case-by-case basis.

Disaster assistance
Those in poverty are the most vulnerable in our communities when disasters such as tornadoes strike. We not only provide short-term
disaster response services such as feeding first responders and providing the essentials like food and clothing to victims, but also longterm
assistance such as finding a new place to live and gas money.

Back to School and Holiday Events
Through these events, we provide the necessities and a few luxuries to help parents provide for their children. These events are:

Back to School Faire: A day-long event that provides backpacks, school supplies, haircuts, clothing - all of the basics every child
needs to be successful in school.

• Thanksgiving Baskets: Each year we collect the fixings for a traditional Thanksgiving meal and distribute them to families who
otherwise would not be able to afford it.

• Christmas Faire: Every parent wants to give their children gifts at Christmas. But when family funds most times don’t even
buy the necessities of life, Christmas gifts for the children are out of the question. This is where the annual Sharing Life
Christmas Faire comes in. We provide gifts for both the children and parents so they can have a joyful and meaningful
Christmas with their children.

Educational programs
To get a job - or in many cases - a better paying job, you must have training. Better jobs, with better pay and benefits are key to a more
secure future. At Sharing Life, our goal is to assist our clients to get the training they need to better theirs and their family’s lives. Our
training opportunities include:

• English as a Second Language (ESL) classes

• Entry-level healthcare training such as certified nursing, phlebotomy, EKG technology, community health worker and
patient care technology classes

• Financial capability training and coaching