Keyuna Carter



​As a young teenager, Keyuna Carter delivered a child right before starting high school. At 15, she got her first job making minimum wage. Once she finished high school, she continued to work a string of jobs in the retail and customer service industries, but she knew she needed a better paying job. 

A flier on the wall
One day, as Keyuna was visiting Sharing Life to receive assistance with food, she noticed the fliers on the wall we had put up around the facility advertising career opportunities in the medical field. Keyuna was definitely interested, so she inquired about the program, received an application, filled it out and took the first step to becoming a Certified Nurse Aide.
​The program Keyuna enrolled in is a unique partnership between El Centro College in Dallas and The United Way. The classes are held on Sharing Life’s campus, the instructors and curriculum are provided by El Centro and the program is funded by the United Way.

Classes held at Sharing Life include training in various fields such as Certified Nurse Aide, Phlebotomy (blood collection), Community Health Worker, EKG technology and Patient Care Technology.

Sharing Life also provide supports and financial capabilities training while they are in the program. Research shows there is a much higher completion rate in a skills training program participants if they have financial supports, income supports and assistance with their other living costs, so we try to provide as much of that support as we can though food and other assistance available.

We are very excited about this program because it is a program that allows our clients to work their way out of their poverty situations, and build better financial lives for them and their families.

Keyuna now has her Certified Nurse Assistant certification. She has a better job making more money and doesn’t have to work those minimum wage positions anymore. She is now able to provide for her children and is very happy with the decision she made that day in Sharing Life when she saw those fliers.

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