Hurricane Harvey Relief

We need your help!

​Sharing Life is always ready to assist in times of disaster. We have provided support to first responders during this first week of Hurricane Harvey relief by collecting items for our partner, Lake Pointe Disaster Relief. They took sorely needed supplies into the flood zone. The next phase of our work will center around assisting evacuees who have landed in our community. In fact, we are already assisting evacuees who have made their way to our door. As the water recedes, the people will be coming in large numbers. Like Katrina and Ike, this relief effort will be a long and difficult journey. Evacuees need our help with basic items and some will need assistance with lodging expenses. Please help us by donating the following items (NOTE: List will be updated to delete items no longer needed and to add new items needed on a periodic basis):
Cash donations to help pay for relocation expenses of evacuees moving into the area. Donate to Hurricane Harvey relief today.

Items needed that will be sent to the disaster areas:
​• BUG SPRAY for the Mosquitos
• Cleaning Supplies (bleach, disinfectant, etc.)
• Disposable gloves
• First aid kits or supplies (Band-Aid’s, Neosporin, etc.)
• Mops & Mop Bottoms
• Duct table, hammers & nails for people repairing their homes
​Sharing Life is located at 3544 E Emporium Circle
Mesquite, Texas 75151 972-279-6200

Donations can be dropped off:
• Monday - Friday between 8 AM and 5 PM
• Thursday until 7 PM
• Saturday between 9 AM and Noon.

*NOTE: We will be closed Sept 2 - 4 for the Labor Day Holiday.

Shop online and ship directly to us!

You can visit or or another one of your favorite online stores and shop for items needed and have them shipped directly to us at:
Sharing Life
3544 E Emporium Circle
Mesquite, Texas 75151

Help us offset our costs

​Financial contributions can be made at: sharinglifeoutreach/donate