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No more minimum wage jobs
As a young teenager, Keyuna Carter delivered a child right before starting high school. At 15, she got her first job making minimum wage. Once she finished high school, she continued to work a string of jobs in the retail and customer service industries, but she knew she needed a better paying job. 

One day, as Keyuna was visiting Sharing Life to receive assistance with food, she noticed fliers on the walls we had put up around our facility advertising career opportunities in healthcare. Keyuna was definitely interested, so she inquired about the program, received an application, filled it out and took the first step to becoming a Certified Nurse Aide.​

Watch her story:
The program Keyuna signed up for is a unique partnership between Sharing Life, El Centro College and The United Way to provide training for people interested in health care as a profession. The purpose of this partnership is to fill the critical need for professional health care workers in the future and to improve our clients' lives. Training offered at Sharing Life include:

Phlebotomists collect blood for testing or donation to be analyzed in a clinical laboratory.

Community Health Worker (CHW)
Students learn how to advocate for individual and community needs to asure they are provided the services they need including referral
and follow-up services.

Patient Care Technology (PCT)
Patient care technicians (PCTs) work alongside doctors, nurses and other health care professionals to provide direct patient care in a
variety of health care environments. PCTs help patients with tasks they may not be able to do for themselves, such as eating, getting out
of bed and personal hygiene. Becoming a patient care technician prepares you for entry-level positions in the health care industry if you want to go right to work. The position is also an excellent foundation for future medical careers such as nursing, radiological sciences and imaging specialties.

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