Food Pantry

Financial Assistance.

Some months there’s not enough money to pay all the bills. Our clients then have to decide whether they’re going to pay the utility bill
or put gas in the car to get to work. To help with thes issues, we provide financial assistance to help our clients pay their rent, utility bills,
buy essential medicines and certain other items that we may not have on hand. This is s service we handle on a case-by-case basis.
​TXU Energy Assistance
Through a partnership with TXU Energy, Sharing Life is able to provide assistance to pay utility bills for those who are subject to disconnection of their services. We also work with other utility providers. Please email Beth Byrum to find out if we can help you. Learn more about the TXU Energy program here.
Financial Classes & Coaching
We have recently begun a class teaching our clients how to budget their money, tax planning and how to plan for their futures. It's important for our clients to learn how to use their money and other resources wisely as they become more successful in their lives. For more information, please email Beth Byrum.

Become a client here to receive assistance. Click the link below to download our Financial Training Flier.
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