by Teresa Jackson on August 10th, 2020

We are ready for our annual Back to School Fair! We are looking forward to greeting families to give them backpacks, school supplies, and other goodies in our drive-thru parking lot. It’s not the way we normally conduct this yearly occasion, but we are pretty good at hosting drive-thru events by now! Learning to be flexible and pivot when life demands it is a skill. For many of us, that trait is learned and does not come naturally. I wish I had learned to be flexible when I was a younger leader, wife, and mother. There is much to be said for going with the flow and being open minded enough to lean in the direction that the wind is blowing. Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be broken!

In economic terms, flexibility means having enough savings on hand to survive a 90-day period without income. The pandemic has shown us just how important that financial principle can be. Saving for a rainy day is often a big challenge. Honestly, it can be an impossible challenge for people living in poverty. We are now in the fifth month of a worldwide pandemic. Some of our neighbors have been without a paying job most of that time. The last five months of rainy days have caused hardships for many families with moderate incomes. Sharing Life is providing rental and mortgage assistance to help these families avoid eviction. We have already paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in utility assistance to help them keep their lights, water, and gas from being disconnected. We have more money to spend and we are accepting applications and writing checks every day.

When you give to Sharing Life, you are giving to a rainy day fund. Your gifts have kept senior citizens, children, and families safe in their homes. It has allowed us to keep utility disconnections at bay. It always matters -- but in the heat of a Texas summer -- not having electricity can be deadly for our most vulnerable neighbors. We have fed thousands and thousands of people and fed them well. One day soon, we will look back on this period of time and be relieved it is behind us. The rain will stop, the clouds will disperse, and the rainbow will appear again. When I remember the storm, I will think of you. Your kindness and generosity. How you loved people you didn’t even know by giving to Sharing Life. And I will thank God for every one of you.

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