A Tribute to Fyve Hilton
by Teresa Jackson on May 27th, 2020

Through the years I have met all kinds of people at Sharing Life. As you might imagine, I have known some pretty amazing individuals who gave their hearts and souls to make the world a better place. Fyve is one of those people. She came to us after a break in her career following the loss of her only daughter. When Fyve first interviewed for the job of volunteer manager, I thought she was over-qualified for the position as she had years of volunteer management experience at much larger organizations. I was certain she would decline our offer and continue to seek employment at a larger nonprofit. To my delight, she accepted our offer and went right to work! Arriving at Sharing Life dressed in bright and colorful clothing, Fyve began to personalize her office with similar décor. We loved her immediately and she fit in with our eclectic nonprofit family perfectly. She brought a wealth of information and experience to Sharing Life. She organized pot-luck “picnics” under our large canopy where semis drop off truckloads of food. She put candy kisses on the table and always made us laugh with the games she organized for us to play. Volunteer engagement increased significantly. She focused on bringing in corporate volunteer teams and truly loved our individual volunteers, treating them all as dear friends. We were all sad when Fyve started having hip pain and couldn't climb the stairs without great difficulty. She left us to work from home on a contract basis while doctors diagnosed her condition and treatment options.

Last week, Fyve requested that I come to her home for a visit. She explained that, after a two-year battle with cancer, her oncology team recommended she receive comfort care from hospice. As I sat next to her bed, Fyve told me that, when she learned of the open position at Sharing Life, she had been praying that God would provide an opportunity for her to work at a thriving nonprofit with about 250 volunteers. She wanted to be in a place where the work really mattered and the staff and volunteers were passionate about their work. She told me that, when she walked into the door, she knew she was home. She also said that working at Sharing Life was the best job she had in her whole life. We both cried. She cried tears of joy that God had blessed her with a job that made her happy while making a difference in people’s lives. I cried that she was leaving us and that the world would be deprived of her joy, passion, and integrity.

Fyve was a woman of deep faith. She knew God loved her and she loved everyone around her. She didn’t have a judgmental bone in her body.

We learned so much from watching you, Fyve. Our lives are already less colorful, less vivid, without your presence. Thank you, Fyve, for choosing to share your life with us at Sharing Life. The world is better because you were in it!

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