Which Would You Prefer?
by Teresa Jackson on November 10th, 2012

Hello! Can you believe it's November and Thanksgiving is only 12 days away? There were over 100 volunteers at Sharing Life today filling bags and baskets with Thanksgiving food items so we can distribute them next week to families in need. I was at home, sick in bed via doctor's orders. I hate that I missed the fun and energy of our holiday volunteers! I know Mike Martin and Marjorie Seward did a fantastic job running the show and I am very grateful for their hard work and dedication to Sharing Life.
I am often asked which I would rather have, money or items? The answer is yes! Especially during this time of year, people want to know how their donated dollars can be used in the most effective manner. That is a complicated answer. If you desire your donation to be used for food, then the answer is money. Because of our partnership with the North Texas Food Bank, our purchasing power is much greater than that of a retail customer. We pay a handling fee, called shared maintenance, that is usually .14 cents per pound. Some items are .28 cents per pound. A one pound package of ground beef is .14 cents. A can of green beans or corn is .14 cents. So for food items, we prefer donated dollars even though we appreciate every donated food item that comes through our doors. For non food items such as toilet tissue, soap, toothpaste, diapers, school supplies and toys and gifts for our Christmas Faire we prefer the donated items. There is no wholesale opportunity for us to purchase those items. We search for the best sales and shop for the items we need in the same ways you would. Your gently used clothing, shoes, household items, books, toys, furniture and appliances are always welcome and appreciated. I hope this information answers this question for you. If you desire to give a monetary gift you can do so via our web site at http://sharinglifeoutreach.org/monetary.
I appreciate every single one of you. You are such kind and generous people. God bless you.

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